Ian's Fractal Gallery - Magnet Well

The name came from the magnetic lines of force look that I got at zoom level 29, and the nature of this project. I decided to do a high iteration search after begin inspired by Noel Giffin's Fractint based web page.

I chose the tip of seahorse valley as the initial starting point for my explorations. I began by zooming in as close to the tip of the large spike as I could. Since this could continue on forever (as far as zooming goes) I stopped when I got bored. These images were rendered using Fractal eXtreme.

Zoom Level 23.44 Rendering time: 0:02:36 on a P133

That turned out to be at 23 zoom levels. The decorations seem to get more detailed the further down you go. The center of the spike is at around 12,000 iterations, with the details maxing out at around 100,000. I chose to expand on one of the decorations at the edge of the spike as my next stop.

Zoom Level 29.44 Rendering time 1:35:55, 28 billion total iterations. P133

Things began to speed up quickly here at 29 zooms. The low iteration count is now 25,000 at the top of the four pink trails that form a plus. But by the time you near the center, the iteration count has jumped to a huge 85 million loops. I decided to see how deep I had to go before finding a mini-brot or got too deeply zoomed in.

Zoom Level 34.44 Rendering time: 3 days, 2 trillion total iterations. P133

This is where my machine, or my patience is reaching it's limits. We are only zommed in 32 times, but very deep iteration wise, as the edge of this image starts at 3 million iterations. To see the inner edge I set the max iterations to 100 million, but you can see that it goes even higher than that but version 1.01c of Fractal eXtreme maxes out at this iteration setting.

Zoom Level 36 Rendering time: 4 days, 3.7 trillion total iterations. P200

I finally installed version 1.21 of Fractal eXtreme which raises the maximum iterations to 500 million. I immediatly (well if 4 days can be immediate) zoomed in twice more and rendered to get this. Inner point, 300 million iterations! I had hoped to find a mini-brot here.. but no such luck.

Zoom Level 48 Rendering time: 14 days, 13 trillion total iterations. P200

Well, here we are at the limits once again. The black center is maxed out at 500,000,000 iterations. It took to zooming in to level 48 to get this image. I have mostly given up finding a mini-brot in the center here, but the "noise" in these images are actually many very fine details that should have a brot in them. Somewhere...

Last Update: Feb 24, 1998
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