Fractal eXtreme PlugIns

Apolloian Packed Circles
This Plugin draws three conencted circles and fills in the triangle shaped center with an infinite number more.
Four Recursive Circles
This simple module draws a series of recirsive circles down to the floating point zoom limit. It was a test module, but was left in because you can never have too many plugins. :-)
Sierpinski's Triangle
The familiar hollowed out triangle shape drawn by this plugin is easily regonsable as the classic Sierpinski's Triangle figure.

What is it?

This plugin is somewhat diffrent than the standard Mandelbrot or Julia types of fractals. It contains three fractals with their roots in geometric figures. Fractal eXtreme's interface is perfect for exploring shapes and forumulas in real-time. Make sure to visit the Fractal eXtreme website for a great Mandelbrot and fractal exploration program for Windows 95.

Download V1.0 of (35K) off the WWW here,
or FTP it from instead.

What's New?

Last Update: May 1, 1997
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