IITextures Examples and Descriptions

These textures are include in the IITextures.lha archive.
Amiga and IBM textures: AttMath, ColorCube, EdgeFill, Roughness, SetChild, Ugly.
Amiga only textures: ColorSpiral, LedCount, RadialColor.


This texture performs math operation on the color, reflect or filter values of your object. Negation, multiplication and maximum/minimum clipping are supported. Amiga only.


This space filling texture creates a three-dimensional color cube that surrounds your object. Using this texture on a cube results in half a million colors flowing smoothly over the surface. Repeatable color, reflect and filter mapping are supported. Amiga and IBM.


This texture draws a flow of colors around the texture axis much like a radar screen sweeps around. You can have 2, 3, 4, or 5 colors in the sweep around the center. You can also spiral the colors by a defined amount. Amiga only.


This command simulates the Latticize operation by adding a color, filter, or reflection along the edges of every triangle. The color can be customised and can replace or be blended with the existing surface color. Amiga and IBM.


This texture flashes the Amiga's power LED every time a ray hits this texture. It also counts total ray hits, which can be read with an included program. Amiga only.


Produce radial color spreads with this command. Red, green and blue step levels can be set individually. Color, reflect and filter can be used. Amga only.


This space filling texture simulates the roughness attribute, but the roughness can be 'pixelized' to any size, and it is is animatable, unlike the built in roughness. Amiga only.


You can use this texture to set attributes to a set of grouped objects. Usefull if you have a lot of objects grouped together and want them all alike without a lot of mousework. Amiga only.


This scrambles an objects colors in a really ugly way. The image above was a cube mapped with my workbench screen, and the Ugly texture added. Amiga only.

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