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Ian's Imagine Utilities (Catchy name, eh?)

IIUtilities is a collection of several programs for the 3D rendering program Imagine for the Amiga and IBM line of computers. The Amiga compiled executables will not work on an IBM. Many of the programs however are written as Rexx scripts, and should be easily ported to the IBM.

The latest version is 1.4 (35K), updated on May 3rd, 1995.
You can get the IIUtilities.lha archive here with "Load to Disk" set on your Web browser. It can also be found on most of the Aminet sites. Look for IIUtilities?.lha in the gfx/3d directory. The newest versions may not be on AmiNet, as I only upload major revisions there.

The following nine programs are included:

Jitter (Amiga Executable)
Randomly disturb an objects points like the LightWave command. Works on all objects in a group and states.
StageFrames (Amiga Executable)
Increase or descrease the length of an animation and automagicly scale the actor bars. Very useful for playBack at faster rates or motion blurring. ReduceFrames is included and used with StageFrames to determine how to reduce.
StageScale (Rexx)
Increase or decrease the entire scene in a staging file. This can be used to reduce rendering time for raytracing or as a way to adjust the diminish intensity falloff.
StageShift (Rexx)
Insert X blank frames at the beginning of an animation so you can merge two animations. (Needs ISL to merge)
StageLengthen (Rexx)
Add frames to an animation and lengthen actor bars to the new size without having to do it manually.
ImTotal (Rexx)
Read the IMRT hunk from Imagine's IFF files and display rendering time. It will do wildcards, automaticly ignore non-IFF's and show total and average rendering time.
ShowStage (Rexx)
Parse a staging file and list every object and brush loaded for the entire scene or a single frame. Shows totals for points, lines, faces and bitmap pixels.
Stars (Amiga Executable)
Generate starfields quickly and easily. It creates a spherical, cubical or torus shaped shell of stars with a variable thickness. Stars can be randomly shaped colored and sized and made from triangles, tetrahedrons or n-sided disks.
MakePath (Rexx)
This script produces circular paths with any number control points as well as spirals. Output is a group of axes that can be made into a path easily with the make open/closed path command.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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