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   * Subject: Re: Antenna dishes
   * Date: Mon, 05 Sep 94 15:55:35 CET [53]
   * From: cjo <>

I've made a couple of satellite-dishes myself. But i did it a little bit differently.

1. Create a cone (ADD PRIMITIVE CONE) with (say) 12 vertical sections.

2. Make it flat by setting the y-size =0 (you now have a circle).

3. Conform the circle to a sphere (you'll have to experiment a little with the two parameters to get it right).

4. Size the dish to your own preferences. Perhaps you would like it to be elliptic :-)

5. If you want the dish to have depth you'll just have to EXTRUDE it.

6. If you want the front and the back to have different attribute-settings you just pick all the faces on the back (or the front, that is your own choice) by PICK RANGE and FRACTURE them from the rest of the antenna. (I did this to make the front white and the back gold-colored as this is rather usual for antennas on communication satellites.)

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