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   * Subject: Re:  Rendering Rooms
   * Date: Sat, 22 May 93 13:23:38 -0500 [37]
   * From: (PJ Foley)

I find that a good way to make carpet is to use the dreaded lame-o, cheapy, "gause-screen," ant-crawling, don't-animate-this, roughness setting. I crank it way up. I also add the Bumps texture from Essence to give it that "lived-in look." Here are my settings:

   Color: 150,150,150 (arbitary, I suppose)
   Specular: 230,230,230 (adjust to your color)
   Dithering: 255 (I usually set this to zero since I deal with 24bit
   Roughness: 100 (more or less depending on how far you view the carpet)
   Everything else: 0
   And for Essence "Bump"
   Initial Scale: 2.0
   # of Scales: -1.random (take off the negative if this is too slow for you)
   Scale ratio: 0.5
   Amp: 0.5
   Alt: 0.5

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