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   * Subject: Re: Simulating clouds
   * Date: Tue, 31 May 94 21:16:40 GMT [50]
   * From: Andrew Nunn <>

I tried this recently: Generate some fractal clouds in Vista. With the landscape flat, position the camera at the very centre. Render four pictures with the camera positioned in the four corners ensuring that the pitch is set the same in each. Then use ADPro (or whatever) to composite the pictures together side by side in the same rotational order as they were rendered. The joins do show (just) but could be ironed out with a suitable Superbitmap capable paint program.

Back in Imagine, create a hemisphere by adding a Primitive sphere and deleting half the points (z<0).Apply the large brush as a cylinder wrap (wrap Z) and set the Bright attribute. Position all your other objects, lights etc inside the dome. The effect is especially good if the camera moves because the the clouds also move around. The Bright setting ensures= that no shadows get cast on the sky!

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