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   * Subject: Imagine vmem and 3.1
   * Date: Mon, 8 Aug 94 18:05:36 CDT [53]
   * From: (Stephen Wilkinson)

The "crumpled" texture can make a pretty good "mackerel"-type cloud cover. Make the texture "bump" colors white and set the object to a nice blue (35,118,255 is ok) and scale the texture size up about 200x200x200 (or just bring the plane it is on nearer the camera). I've got a plane with this texture behind a "window" and it looks very nice since I don't have enough ram for a clouds backdrop image :( It looks a lot better if the plane is tilted away from you rather than fully perpendicular. You can flip the colors to make a water plane with "caustics" on the surface (bumps blue, object white)...

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