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   * Subject: Re: Fire Tutorial II
   * Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 13:33:19 CDT [52]
   * From: (Thomas Setzer)

* Note: the following tip is from

Also, here is a small tip for making open fire, a torch for example:

1. Build an object to base the fire on - cone, cylinder, plane, whatever.

2. Color the object an orange-yellow hue. R221, G189, B000 worked for me. Phong should be enabled.

3. Add the linear texture. My object is 200 units tall, so the Transition Z Width is set to 150. Filter is 255 for R, G and B. Place the texture axes on the bottom of the object, with the Z axis pointing up.

4. From Essence I, add the misc/fractalfilter texture. The axes are oriented at its' default. Here are my parameters:

   50.00000 Initial Scale                  0.900000 Filter 1 End
   5.000000 # of Scales                    150.0000 Filter 1 Red
   0.400000 Scale Ratio                    150.0000 Filter 1 Green
   0.400000 Amplitude Ratio                150.0000 Filter 1 Blue
   0.400000 Time Ratio                     255.0000 Filter 2 Red
   0.000000 Time                           255.0000 Filter 2 Green
   0.100000 Base->1 Trans                  255.0000 Filter 2 Blue
   0.500000 1->2    Trans                  0.000000 Fade 0..1

5. Save the object (Fire.1 could be a good name), and modify the following: In the fractalfilter texture, change the Time parameter to 1, and edit the axes so they are 10 times the length of the object higher. This setting is good for a 200 frame animation, so the fire goes one object height up every 20 frames. Save the object with a different name, maybe Fire.2.

6. In the Stage Editor, load the first fire and determine place, size and orientation. Go to the Action Editor and morph from Fire.1 to Fire.2 over the entire length of the animation.

7. Render, have 200 cups of coffee, and view. Enjoy.

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