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   * Subject: Re: Stage Paths
   * Date: Fri, 10 Jun 1994 00:18:24 -0700 (PDT) [51]
   * From: "Randy R. Wall" <>

Make a defualt plane and Align the X axis to 90 in the Tranformation Requester, make sure you have Axis Only set when you do this , then make a path, say with 10 axis points, move every other points Z axis up to make some smooth curves, then save these objects seperatley, make a test project and go to the Action Editor and set it to 25 frames load in the objects... set the plane to follow the path. Save this and go to the Stage, now set your camera view on and position it so you can see the plane object, Now heres one of the important parts hit RghtAmiga-P to see what your paths length is, write it down and go to frame 25 of the animation RghtAmiga-C. Now select the path and use RghtAmiga-T to get to the Tranformation Requester, click position and set Y to - (minus) whatever the number you wrote down is, hit return then OK. Now hit RghtAmiga-7 to save the position as with Position Bar. OK we're almost done, Save this and go back to the Action Editor and select the paths NEW Position timeline bar and set it to Discontinuous Knots, click OK, now select the plane and set its Alignment to Conform Object to Path, click OK. If this were a grouped object you would use Conform Group to Path...Now save this and go to the Stage and Use Make in the Animate Menu to make a preview animation...Wala! a Flag Waving!

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