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   * Subject: Forms Tutorial Part III
   * Date: Wed, 29 May 91 13:17:15 EDT [6]
   * From: spworley@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

As a final demonstration of how the Form Editor is used, I'll describe three tutorial objects you can make. You are EXTREMELY advised to sit down an make these objects. Reading the tutorial is fine, but moving the mouse around is the best way to learn how to make these sorts of things yourself.

There are some screen grabs of some key steps in these tutorials in a file called Form_Tutorial.lzh on in the /pub/amiga/incoming/IMAGINE/MISC directory. These screen grabs show the step by step evolution of the examples, as well as a couple of rendered examples. You might want to get these (especially for the last example) but you're welcome to wing it by using the text alone. The file also has a copy of this text in it, so you won't have to separate this mail message out if you're getting it on the mailing list. If you don't know what FTP is, ask a local computer wizard and hope you have access. :-)

            I. A Coke (TM) Can
           II. Building a Water Splash
          III. A Complex Boat Hull

-Steve Worley 5/28/91

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steven Worley ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

  Because I was erked when my brush and texture tutorials were posted on
Compuserve sans credit, I include the following:

The text contained within this document as well as the associated computer files are (C) Copyright 1991 by Steven P. Worley. They be distributed freely under the following conditions: 1) The entire text, including this copyright notice, is kept entire and 2) Steven Worley is duly credited as being the author. The author reserves all other rights to this text.

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