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   * Subject: sway
   * Date: Thu, 28 Jul 94 09:27:00 -0100 [52]
   * From: (Torgeir Holm)

I made a one polygon object in the detail editor, stretched it so that it was shaped like a piece of grass, and made the Z axis come through paralell to the middle of the object. Picked the edges, and made them quick edges. Added grassy attributes, and turned Quick Edges on in the attributes requester. Quick edges because 3 edges is a lot quicker than 8 in a bounding box, when you get to stage.

I then made about four hundred copies of this object, spread out in a 20x20 grid. Use multi select to speed things up. Could really use Macros Soon, impulse. I then multi selected objects using the lasso tool randomly, and sized, rotated, and moved the objects slightly, just to get an irregular look. Repeated this several times.

When the objects looked like a messy patch of grass, or something like that, I added an axis, and picked it. Picked all the other objects with a drag box and grouped them to the axis. Saved object.

In the action editor, I added the object for 50 frames to do a test anim. In the FX bar I added the Sway.ifx for all 50 frames:

Start Frame 1 End Frame 50

All buttons off except X-axis

Minimum # of gyrations: 1

Maximum # of gyrations: 3

Minimum gyration angle: 10

Maximum gyration angle: 30

Random number seed: whatever

When I render this I get a patch of grass, swaying back and forth. Some leaves of grass sway fast, and others slow, but they all have almost the same direction of sway. There are no abrubt changes from frame to frame.

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