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   * Subject: Imagine v3.0 bug
   * Date: Tue, 26 Apr 94 23:01:59 [49]
   * From:

The Menu options are in the states Menu. They are FREEZE, RELEASE, RELEASE ALL, and CONSTRAIN. Create three spheresas such:

                          O          O          O

Group them like this: O O----------O then: O----------O----------O Base Joint Tip

Be in object mode. Select the BASE and FREEZE it. Play with that New Gadget Box...pretty straight forward. Do the same for the other two objects in order to set their constraints. RELEASE the Joint & Tip. Select CONSTRAIN.

Select the TIP while in object mode, move it, the Joint should act accordingly. I think the above steps are correct. I have only played with it so far. Impulse has mentioned that they will be providing a supplemental text.

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