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   * Subject: Lense tutorial
   * Date: Mon, 20 Jun 1994 08:37:33 GMT+1 [51]
   * From: "Wizard" <>

this is just an extract from an italian computer magazine, Commodore Gazette, about doing lens with Imagine:

   -enter the detail editor
   -add primitive sphere (not add sphere, add primitives and then sphere):
    circle=48, vertical sections=24
   -pick sphere, pick points, drag box pick method
   -multiple select all points except for the first (top) 5 lines (sections)
   -delete selected points (functions menu)
   -pick object (pick method menu)
   -move ONLY the axis (shift-m) to the bottom line of points/section
    (looked from front view): do this step more accurate, use zoom in
   -copy selected obj and paste it
   -invoke transformation req, scale it -1 to z axis
   -select the two objs and merge them
   -invoke atts req:
    color and filer=255,255,255    harness=100 to 130   index=1.2 to 2.0

This method is much realistic one, positioning lense above a plane (e.g a brush mapped one) and moving lense far from it, Ya get also the tipically effect of getting an upset image.

 PLEASE NOTE: do not use spin or sweep function  (drawing  profile) coz so
              Ya cannot manually draw a perfect shape (as sphere primit.)&
              Ya get an increment of rendering time.

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