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   * Subject: Re: Shadows and Light Objects
   * Date: Mon, 4 Oct 93 10:46:18 CDT [43]
   * From: (Thomas Setzer)

The best setting I got for a lightbulb was as follows.

Make the bulb glass(transparency 200, 200, 100 or what ever, I used the settings from Understanding Imagine 2.0) Not sure if you need this since you are going to be setting fog. I need to play some more.

Make the object a light source by clicking on the light box in the attributes requestor. No need to set the bright box. In light requestor select spherical and put the light to 400 400 250, kindof yellow. Select cast shadows if you like.

Put the object axis of the bulb where the filiment of the bulb would be. (shift-M to move the axis)

Set the fog length as suggested by another Imagineer. You will have to play with this as it depends on the distance from the object axis to the edge of the bulb. My bulb was 40 units across(turn on coords and measure) and my fog length was 10 or 15, can't recall which. The smaller the setting, the more opaque the bulb will be. The fog will be the color of your object. My bulb was white.

Some weirder results occured when the object was not transparent. It still seemed to emit light, but the bulb was completely black. Turn on "bright" and the bulb turned white(but it didn't look right, kindof flat looking"). I makes sense to make the bulb transparent and this seems to work the best.

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