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   * Subject: Imagine v3.0 bug
   * Date: Tue, 26 Apr 94 23:01:59 [49]
   * From:

> There are several new "LITES" textures, but they are not documented > in the

Apply the texture to a light object. The resulting shadows will be the type of the texture you select.

 > The EFFECTS.TXT file is missing completely from the IMAGINE PC
 > disks!  There are a couple new effects and I also don't know how to use
 > these!

Ok....lensflare Global Effect. Create a Light and select it's Lensflare Check box. Apply the Global effect to the GLOBALS timeline. Voila...lenseflare when rendered. And it DOES animate very well.

HAZE global effects. HAZE affects only BRIGHT objects. Create a sphere, make it bright. Apply the HAZE effect to the GLOBALS timeline. Render...get a HAZE.

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