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   * Subject: Re: Hmmm Revisited 
   * Date: Wed, 11 Sep 91 17:55:59 EDT [11]
   * From: spworley@ATHENA.MIT.EDU

If you want fun and exciting entrances, Wayne was right, linear textures would work great! Here's another fun linear texture trick.
 Make an extruded tube of your logo that is REALLY long. Add TWO linear textures
with the Z axis facing backwards. make the first texture color the object a solid red, the second a transparent red. Put the z width of both to -zero- and the first at the front of your object and the second a bit into the tube, as far as you want your final object to be thick. Save this object. Now move the second texture about 50 "logo thicknesses" back with the same texture settings but a z transition width of maybe five "logo thicknesses". Set the second texture z transition to about one "logo thicknesses" and a position about 2 "logo thicknesses" in front of the back texture. Save this second object. The default attributes for both objects should be complete filter so they are invisible.

Anyway, take these two objects and morph from one to the next. Loads of fun!! You get a fuzzy blob flying at you and it finally condenses into a sharply defined logo right where you want it. Boom, instant dramatic entrance!

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