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One thing you can do to make your objects look more like metal is to give them a specular setting close to the main color of the object, but higher in intensity. One mistake is to often make the specular a pure white. This makes objects look more like plastic than metal. For example, if you are trying to make gold, don't make the specular pure white, but try a bright yellow or yellow/orange creame color.

Another problem is that many metals reflect the world. For example a chrome ball is pretty much just a shiny mirror. Thus, if you want to make realistic metals you will need to at least simulate reflection. This can be done by adding a global reflect map, doing a true ray trace or even just setting sky colors in the stage editor.

You can use the following Attribute setting for a default gold:

                  RED  GREEN  BLUE   VALUE
   COLOR          205  205    80     *
   REFLECT        180  160    125    *
   FILTER         0    0      0      *
   SPECULAR       255  255    160    *
   DITHERING      *    *      *      255
   HARDNESS       *    *      *      255
   ROUGHNESS      *    *      *      0
   SHININESS      *    *      *      0


This should give you something close to gold. Note that the reflect values are fairly high. You may wish to lower them to see how it would look if you don't have anything to reflect etc...

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