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This uses the WRINKLE texture.

    - Add default cylinder and CLOSE the TOP
    - Select the top edges of the cylinder and MAKE SHARP
    - Apply the WRINKLE texture and render. This will look like bark around the with the noise functions to adjust the look of the bark.

Now make these changes to the Texture:

Column One Two

       ___     ___
       0.5     150      * This will look like the sides of a mountain
       0.5     150        around the Cylinder.  On the top of the
      10.0     150        cylinder it will look like granite.
       1.0      20      * When applied to organic objects the vertical
       0.5      50        faces will have the rivulets, the horizontal
       0.0      20        faces will be granite-like.
       0.0       0      * Try changing the first three variables in
       1.0       0        Column one to 10,10,1 respectively.  The
                          resulting look will make the cylinder look
                          like a core sample around the cylinder, while
                          the top of the cylinder will have a marble
                          like quality.

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