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   * Subject: Some Cool Object Tutorials...
   * Date: Wed, 25 Dec 91 10:04:07 -0500 [17]
   * From: mbc@po.CWRU.Edu (Michael B. Comet)

This next object is basically a ring (the kind you wear), but it is detailed with indentations in almost a honeycomb fashion. First, add a PRIMITIVE DISK as before and select OK to accept the defaults. Now rotate the X-AXIS (SHIFT-R and then X) or use the transformation requestor so that the AXIS (AXIS ONLY!) is set to 45.

Now select the MOLD requestor, and then SWEEP. Then finally click on PERFORM to accept the defaults (note: you can raise or lower the # of Sections to change the number of 'facets' on the ring). You can then set the alignment back to zero to make your ring in a normal position. NOTE: Before you render it you should turn OFF PHONG shading. If you do not, the phong shader will simply smooth out the detail.

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