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   * Subject: Shadow Object attributes
   * Date: Mon, 18 Jan 93 16:37:14 -0500 [31]
   * From: (Michael B. Comet)

I have recieved a couple of requests for this so here are the attributes for a "shadow" object:

   COLOR:  R,G,B = 5,5,5
   REFLECT: R,G,B= 0,0,0
   FILTER: R,G,B = 210,210,210
   SPECULAR: R,G,B= 0,0,0
   PHONG = ON      (probably doesn't matter)

Now make you normal object, and then make a simple flat object which would look like the shadow and place it in the proper location. (Ie: on the floor, wall, and parts of the object itself)

You can add a texture (linear say...etc...) and set it to have the same texture color, but to have a higher,255,255 thus the part that becomes textured will fade into nothing and will have the effect of a shadow with fuzzy edges. If you want a darker shadow set teh above filter settings lower.

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