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   * Subject: Re: 3d sea-shell
   * Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 16:01:46 -0700 (PDT) [50]
   * From: Jeremy White <>

This is how I made a 3-d snail shell.

 1.)  Create a spiral path
     a.)  Add an axis with a point in the x direction.
       y---x                    . <-point
     b.)  Extrude to a VERY small distance along the y axis, while
          scaling up and rotating several multiples of 360 degrees.

This should give you a spiral path, try playing around with how much you scale and rotate the extrusion.

3.) Create an extude template a.) Create a disk primative b.) Delete the center point.

(I also made an edge flat, so that I could overlap the shell rings better.)

c.) Make sure that the y-axis is pointing up through the disk (x and z to the sides of the disk)

4.) Extrude the disk along the path (1) (Scale it bigger through the extrusion if you desire this effect.)

* Subject: Re: 3d sea-shell * Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 00:40:11 +1000 (EST) [50] * From: Nikola Vukovljak <>

Add a primitive tube. Accept the defaults. Go into pick points mode and delete the top row of points.

Then, move the axis(only) by 50 units in X direction only. Then scale the object in x by 1.5x.

Extrude the object as following. To length 1-10 (or more, it is up to you). No. of sections - 36. Y-rotation 720 (or more), X scaling - .1.

This should give you the right shape. To make it 'bent' use Conform to Sphere option.

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