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   * Subject: Particles smoke
   * Date:    Tuesday, 04 October 1994 11:11:47 [55]
   * From:    Wizard <>

-detail editor -add primitives: sphere -attributes: color 255,255,255 fog 140 clrnoiz texture: color 140,140,140 r,g,b,color vary 0 -particles: cube random align interpolated dimension 150 units -save obj -action editor -add particle effect to loaded sphere (to all anim frames) emission travel dista 200 units scaling 1 time to terminal h 2 elasticity 50 time to terminal z TOT/2 velocity .5 min angle x -5 max angle x 5 wind velocity 5 wind angle 33 wind start TOT*(-1) wind stop TOT emission 95% SET ALL OTHER VALUES TO 0 TOT ==== number of tot frames * Note: The above tutorial was really created by * Massimiliano Marras (

I must point out that he made a few (wrong) changes: Fog Length should be 180, sphere color 128,128,128, ClrNoiz's color 64,64,64, travel distance is 100 units and time to terminal Z is TOT frames and not TOT/2. He has left unchanged all the other values. In addition to this Imagine 3.0 does render properly fog objects in front of backdrop pictures so his closing remark is wrong.

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