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   * Subject: RE: C= and the Borg
   * Date: Tue, 12 Apr 94 15:07:00 PDT [49]
   * From: Stethem Ted <>

The Borg ship is generally in the shape of a cube but it looks like layer after layer of tangled pipes and tubing. Have you thought about using the Latticize function in V2.9 to do this? Take a primitive plane, say 50x50, and extrude it by 50 with 50 sections. This gives you a cube with 50x50x50 faces. Use Latticize with a fairly small value like .05. Make another cube with 20x20x20 faces, Latticize and scale it so it is slightly larger than the previous one. Do this for several cubes with a different number of faces. The other thing you can do it give it the more tangled, random look of the Borg ship is to remove edges/lines in the cube before Latticizing and rotating various layers by 90 degrees in the X, Y and/or Z axis. You can also add different brushmaps and textures to the differenct layers. I think this will create a more convincing Borg ship, although it may end up to be a huge object in memory size.

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