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   * Subject: Some Cool Object Tutorials...
   * Date: Wed, 25 Dec 91 10:04:07 -0500 [17]
   * From: mbc@po.CWRU.Edu (Michael B. Comet)

The Star is basically made up of 2 TORUS's with the proper angle between them. Add a PRIMITIVE TORUS and change the Ring Sections to 3 and Tube Sections to 6. Also turn OFF stagger points. Click on okay, and one (beveled) triangle is made.

Select it and then make a copy (RightAmiga-C). then Paste the copy down (RightAmiga-P). Then select the copy (pick select or F1 depending on whether or not you've changed your preferences file).

Now select the TRANSFORMATION requestor and then ALIGNMENT. Enter 60 for Z, then click on perform. Now you may wish to redraw using the RightAmiga-R option.

Finally select pick all (RightAmiga-A). Then Join (Right Amiga-J). This will give you 1 complete object.

Assuming that you picked the axis which was at 60 degrees first before you joined, your star will be lying down and the axis is 60 degrees from the standard Y axis. To correct both problems first go into the TRANSFORMATION requestor and select ALIGNMENT, then 30 for Z. Also click on TRANSFORM AXIS ONLY. Then click on PERFORM. Then go into the TRANSFORMATION requestor one more time and select ALIGNMENT. Then set X=90 and Z=0 and click on perform. Finally if you wish your axis to be oriented the same as the WORLD axis, go into the TRANSFORMATION requestor once again, click on TRANSFORM AXIS ONLY. Next, click on ALIGNMENT and set X=0. Then click on SIZE and set Y=50 and Z=150. Click on perform. That should create one star object, with its axis in perfect alignment with the WORLD axis, and facing front. This looks pretty cool in both phong or facet mode.

You can do some neat anims with falling raindrops simply by scaling them. Also creating a braid as above, and then another not braided braid you can make a neat morph.

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