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   * Subject: Starfield
   * Date: Fri, 10 Dec 93 10:14:27 [45]
   * From:

Ok fellow Imagineers, we all know that Imagine's starfield is very cheesy at best. Here's a great solution for Imagine 2.9 users.

Create a sphere that is as large as your world, minimum size should be at least 1000 units along each axis.

Set the sphere's filter values to 255 for each R,G,B component.

Apply the CONFETTI texture and make these adjustments to the default values:

  SIZE - .25
  V1   - .53
  V2   - .55
  COLOR 1 - R,G,B values to 255 each
  COLOR 2 - R,G,B values to 100 each

Make sure the camera is somewhere in the center, and render. Voila! a great Starfield! As Impressive as FractInt's starfield, BUT this one is in 3D and takes up very little valuable RAM.

Refer to the docs on the confetti texture to make any adjustments that you like.

Also, try making a short anim with just the sphere, and just change the Camera's perspective, you can get a nice space warp effect.

   1] Make the sphere bright to make sure the stars show up
   2] Make a copy of the sphere and scale it slightly smaller or bigger and 
      rotate it so it's at a diff angle.

Then, you'll get a cool rotate effect when you move the camera.

* Note: I can't seem to find the author of the following paragraph (??)

However, you are on the right track to creating a better looking starfield. Create a large sphere, make it black in color. Make it BRIGHT. Apply the confetti.itx to it. Give it the two colors to use to interpolate all the different colors...give it a dark grey, and a light grey or white. Read the texture doc for all the parameters in CONFETTI.ITX, and how to control how many "stars" are rendered, and how their size is controlled.

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