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   * Subject: Some Cool Object Tutorials...
   * Date: Wed, 25 Dec 91 10:04:07 -0500 [17]
   * From: mbc@po.CWRU.Edu (Michael B. Comet)

The next object is a very nice Tear Drop. Actually rather simple to make, without using magnetism and dragging points. First, add a PRIMITIVE SPHERE and accept the defaults by clicking on OK. Then scale the OBJECT so that its Z-LENGTH is 30. This is most efficiently done by using the TRANSFORMATION requestor, and then clicking on size, and then setting Z=30. Then click on PERFORM. You should now have a 3-D ellipse.

Now, click on CONFORM TO SPHERE from the MOLD requestor and accept the defaults which should be 50 for the Sphere radius, and 160 for the Object radius. Click on Perform. Selecting higher Object radii will result in a more elongated tear drop.

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