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   * Subject: Electric Field effect
   * Date: Sun, 9 Jan 94 11:09:53 GMT [46]
   * From: Andrew Nunn <>

Here's an interesting texture effect to try. 1. Create an object (in my case a logo) 2. Set the Filter Attribute to 255,255,255. 3. Set the Bright attribute. 4. Add the 2.9 Worm Vein Texture, set the vein colour to your choice eg electric blue,and adjust the Filter setting to 0,0,0. 5. Create a second version of the object with the texture axis moved (in the logo case say from one end of the logo to the other). 6. Create a short animation morphing the two versions.

Further, it is then possible to morph the object filter setting to 0,0,0 and the texture filter setting to 255,255,255, creating a transporter beam materialization effect. However for this to work fully,the Bright setting must be removed at some point.

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