Created by Ernesto Poveda CortÚs (, 6-1995

Dare To Imagine

                              Dare to Imagine

Compiled by Shane Davison (

This is a compilation of almost all the tutorials and fun things to try from the archives of the Imagine Mailing List. I have carefully read each and every archive since the start of the IML to the present day (Feb. 14, 1995) and extracted this valuable information in the process. The authors of the messages deserve full credit for the great tips and hints contained within and, if you use any part of this compilation elsewhere, please credit me for the time and effort to put it together.

Source text begins with an asterisk and is one of Subject, Date, or From. The archive number in [] follows the date. The order is chronological.

Note: I have snipped but not modified the original text.


This *compilation* is (C) Copyright 1995 by Shane Davison. The *amigaguide* & *html* versions are (C) Copyright 1995 by Ernesto Poveda. It can be distributed freely as long as our names are included. Please contact the author(compilation) for use of a specific message.

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