What is the Imagine Mailing List and how to get it.

(From the Imagine Mailing List Sysop, Dave Wickard)

The Imagine Mailing List is a wide variety of Amiga computer artists sharing friendship and knowledge. The main thrust of the List is the Imagine renderer. Subjects discussed though have varied widely. There are discussions of Imagine and it's competitors, Imagine wish lists for future versions, 3D rendering principles in general, single frame recording techniques and many more.

With first day users thru battled scarred veterans :-) there is someone at your level of knowledge on the List. We are always glad to see questions from every level of user. So often a simple and seemingly embarrassingly easy question will lead to an interesting comment on a related topic.

New products, both hardware and software, are discussed as to their relationship with Imagine and Amiga 3D rendering.

Names of Amiga luminaries dot the list, and often join in to lend their insights without the usual "noise" of a USENET newsgroup.

There are over 300 individual sites receiving the Imagine Mailing List, and they include many networks, BBS systems, user groups, and individual computer artists from literally around the globe. We share one thing. Interest in each other's work with Imagine.

You can get the Imagine Mailing List. All you need is access to Internet mail. Simply mail to the following address:
and in your subject line, enter the word "subscribe".

If you are reading this from a Commercial System, ask the Amiga Coordinator to set up an Imagine Mailing List area that everyone can read.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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