How do I brushmap a ground plane?

The problem with brushmapping a ground plane is that the ground itself is off 90 degrees in relation to its' axis for proper brush placement. (Add a primitive plane, a ground and compare them). The following will properly set a ground wrap:

  1. Add a ground object, select it, go into attributes, select a brush to use.
  2. You will now be in a requestor for the type of brushmap and placement etc...
  4. Click on ALIGNMENT and set X = -90. Leave Y and Z at 0
  5. Click on SIZE and leave X = +640. Set Y = +2, Z = +400
  6. Click on POSITION and Leave X = -320, Y = -200. Set Z = +1
  7. Click on PERFORM.
  8. If you want the brushmap to repeat forever click REPEAT.
  9. Click OKAY.

Your brushmap will now be placed correctly. You can of course resize it on the X/Z axis if you wish for scaling purposes.

Basically step 4 re-rotated the brush axis properly and 5 and 6 fixed the size and position which Imagine screws up since it thinks it's brushmapping on the other axis.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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