Can a reflective object inside a glass tube render properly?

You have discovered one of the famous "behind glass" raytrace bugs that have ALWAYS plagued Imagine. You also cannot get a glass attribute inside a glass attribute object to render! There is NOTHING you can do but try to fake the effect (i.e. wrap a brushmap around your sphere to imitate the sourroundings,maybe a global brushmap would work?)

A possibly solution is to copy your glass tube and scale it slightly smaller or larger so you get a double-walled tube. You have to use a global map and an animated chrome spheres going up the tube. They all reflected the global map correctly.

So, what you should do is to make the glass-tube have both an inner AND an outer wall (make two tubes, one slightly smaller than the other and join them to a single object). Then put your chrome ball inside.

The secret is that the ray has to travel trough two (2) faces with glass-attribute-settings (or any other transparent material for that matter).

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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