How do I make walls with no cracks in the corners?

Three possible methods ---

  1. You can design your walls to be nice dimensions like 100 or 1024 instead of 383.38. Place your axis at the corner of each wall. Then, to get seamless joints, use "snap to grid" in the project editor which will instantly adjust your walls to a perfect fit (If wall lengths are multiples of the grid line spacing).

  2. Create a 2D outline of the floorplan and extrude it up. Then simply pop a ceiling and floor on it. The floorplan could be created either in Imagine or even a paint program and then auto-traced. This means you will have to bust up a few polygons to add the windows and doors, but that is a minor task if you have a complex floorplan.

  3. A cheesy option is to make your walls too big. Then INTERSECT them. You get a mess BEHIND the wall, but if you don't look there, you'll never see it.
      wall 1           |
               \|/     |
      bug-eyed O.O     | wall 2
        monster v
      camera X

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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