Why can't I rotate or scale points?

[Q] When I select a group of points in the DETAIL editor, all I can do is drag them... it doesn't let me ROTATE or SCALE that clump of selected points.

Imagine will let you move selected points, as well as rotate and scale them. The limitation is that you cannot do this interactively in Version 1.1 or earlier by using the mouse: The Transform command does the manipulation. The picked points can be translated, scaled, rotated, and positioned INDEPENDENTLY of the rest of the object. Rotations and scalings all use the object's axis a reference point. Absolute positioning will move the FIRST point you pick to the location you choose, and the rest of the picked points will be translated an equal amount. Interactive dragging is accomplished using the "drag points" mode.

Note: Versions 2.0 and later support interactive point editing.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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