How do I use the cycle editor?

[Q] I made this really great animation sequence in the cycle editor, but when I set it up in the stage/action editors, the motion of the overall object isn't there!

When using the c ycle editor, Imagine only remembers changes in size, position, and so on in relation to the main parent. Thus, if you make a change to the parent object, it gets forgotten. What this means is if you make a nifty robot jumping cycle, and make it in the cycle editor so the robot actually move up etc... all that will be remembered is the changes to the legs, arms and anything OFF of the PARENT. The overall rotations and movements to the main object will be gone.

Two solutions exist. One is to simply make those changes in the stage editor each time you need to. The second is to group a plain axis before you start to your object. (ie: Make the parent have a Null link). Then, you can rotate everything by rotating the main child grouped right under this null axis. This way you aren't moving the "parent", and everything will be remembered.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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