My first frame gets mangled, why?

[Q] I have found that after creating a scene in the Stage editor, and then deciding that I want an animation and adjusting the highest frame count, my scene gets mangled in the first frame. Why?

Well, it seems to me that this will happen if you don't split your channel bar from the first frame (where you want stuff to be exactly) to the second frame. I usually setup my scenes so that I have the first frame all set as it should be and then I do my transformation from frames 2-whatever. In this way, the first frame is ALWAYS where it's suppose to be no matter what changes I make in the remaining animation. If you look at your channel it should have a break between frames 1 and 2 and then be continuous (if that's the way your animation works out) from 2 on.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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