Starfield (Imagine 2.9 and higher)

We all know that Imagine's starfield is very cheesy at best. Here is a great solution for Imagine 2.9 and higher users:

     Color 1:  (255, 255, 255)    V1:  .53    Size:  .25
     Color 2:  (100, 100, 100)    V2:  .55

Make sure the camera is somewhere in the center, and render. Voila! A great Starfield!

Refer to the docs on the confetti texture to make any adjustments that you like.

Also, try making a short anim with just the sphere, and just change the camera's perspective, you can get a nice space warp effect.

This actually gives a good looking starfield with almost no RAM consumption. Plus, you can easily set the colors and frequency.

As a suggestion,

  1. Make the sphere bright to make sure the stars show up.
  2. Make a copy of the sphere and scale it slightly smaller or bigger and rotate it so it's at a diff angle. Then, you'll get a cool rotate effect when you move the camera.

This is called "stellar parallax", and it will never happen in real life, simply because all the stars are so far away that you basically can't move fast and far enough to make their relative alignments change in this kind of obvious way.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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