Photon Torpedo (Imagine 2.9 and higher)

In Detail, create a default primitive sphere. Copy it, scale it down to .8, Paste it and group the 2 objects together.

The larger sphere's attributes's should look like this:

    R 255
    G 0
    B 0

    Fog length     Phong    Bright

Then Add a FogPaint Texture with the following data:

        T: .8
        Denser Color: 255, 100, 0
        2nd Color: 255, 0, 0

Scale the axis to be just as big as the sphere.

The smaller sphere's attributes should look like this:

    R 210
    G 15
    B 15

    Phong    Bright


        Color: 500, 0, 0
        Point Source
        Controlled FallOff

    FireBall texture:

        Color 1: 255, 15, 15
        Color 2: 200, 30, 0
        The rest of the settings are 0.

    Axis size should be slightly larger than the sphere.

Load this object into Action after setting the # of frames. Add the Spike effect on frames 2 (right after the torp exits the torpedo tube) to the last frame that the object will be in the camera's view. You might want to tweek the Spike settings. Set up the motion in Stage, and you're all set. Render and serve.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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