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Ian's Imagine Textures (Catchy name, eh?)

IITextures is a set of textures for use with Imagine for the Amiga or IBM line of computers. Many of the textures have been ported to the IBM currently, and all work on the Amiga. To use these textures you need version 3.0 or above of Imagine, and if you have an Amiga you need an FPU and a 68020 or above.

You can look through a page of descriptions with example inlined pictures in JPEG or GIF format. A text only version of the texture descriptions is also available.

The latest version is 1.2.1 (29K), updated on May 6th, 1995.
You can get the IITextures.lha archive here via HTTP with "Load to Disk" set on your Web browser. It can also be found on most of the Aminet sites. Look for IITextures.lha in the gfx/3d directory. The newest versions may not be on AmiNet, as I only upload major revisions there.

Last Update: July 13, 1995
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