Ian's Imagine for Windows Textures
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Below are the four textures I have written for Imagine for Windows. You can click on the links below the images for more example pictures and information for each texture or go directly to the Download area.

You can also check out my alpha-level Boolean Texture.
It has been updated to Alpha-Four on Mar-14 with new features.
And real documentation. With pictures. :-)

II EdgeFill
This texture colors the edges of each triangle on an object to a varying amount. You can control the color, filter, reflectivity and specularity values and specify filling from the inside or the edges.
II TriColor
The three edges of each triangle are set to user definable colors which mix in the middle. The default example above provides a spread of all available hues in a true color display. Colors can be set to reflect, filter, reflect or specular.
II Counter
An animatible counter is drawn in your chosen color, and applied to any combination of the color, filter, reflect or specular paramaters. Range is 0 to 999999999 or 999:59:59 for timer mode.
And you also get II Beep which beeps or clicks when a ray hits it. Wow!!!! :-)


What's New?

I want more textures!

You can also see a hack to render Imagine Volumetric Textures from existing 3d textures.
Last Update: Mar 14, 1998 and there have been hits.
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