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Hi Imagineers,

This is the latest Imagine Mailing List FAQ #08, I hope U enjoy it! I'm still waiting response from many IML fellows, I have got about 15/20kb of newest stuff I havent included into this release, maybe next time;) Keep up the good work fellows, hear You soon!

Last Update: June 24, 1995 Saturday
Issue Number: 8

What's New:

Section 1, No 1.
Added HTML home pages list
Section 2, No 25.
Spin and Sweep: how them work
Section 2, No 26.
Modeling hands, feet, etc...
Section 2, No 27.
Realistic neon lights
Section 2, No 28.
Getting a checkered plane with checks of different textures
Section 2, No 29.
Bright light reflecting off thousands of tiny particles suspended in air
Section 2, No 30.
Bones can
Section 2, No 31.
Inverse kinematics
Section 2, No 32.
Inverse kinematics excitement
Section 6, No 8.
Depth of field
Section 7, No 16.
Oct-tree level
Section 8, No 13.
Spaceship shield Attribute (Essence)
Section 8, No 14.
Spaceship shield (Imagine v2.9)
Section 8, No 15.
Ground cover (Imagine v2.9 or higher)
Section 8, No 16.
Steam engine attribute (Imagine v2.9 and higher)
Section 8, No 17.
Fun with Fuzz texture: Wispy Smoke, Scattered Cumulus Clouds (Imagine v2.9 and higher)
Section 8, No 18.
Water attribute
Section 8, No 19.
Castle brick attribute (Essence)
Section 8, No 20.
Cloth attribute (Essence)
Section 8, No 21.
Fabric (Imagine v2.9 or higher)
Section 9, No 4.
Imagine v3.0 / v3.1 high res video change update
Section 9, No 9.

Last Update: Aug 26, 1995
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